Some New Changes

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Up until now this blog has been a personal project for me to put my thoughts into words and provoke your response. I even used to call it a diary, even though it was very much public. I have been pleased with the feedback I get on the site and in syndicated media.

For quite some time now I had considered expanding the project, introducing collaborators who supported what I now call the Soldier-Citizen-Sapien ideal or ethic. With their help I could make an even more attractive forum for thought and discussion. That expansion is happening now.

You will notice some changes the next time you visit this site. The look has changed and some of the language has changed. I am introducing at least one new collaborator, a superb friend of mine and true believer of the broad S.C.S ethic. I am certain that more will follow to enhance the volume and quality of content on this site.

If you've been here with me at for a while, I look forward to your continued attention to what this project is becoming. If you're just noticing us, I encourage you to give us a good look. I can only anticipate that the content will become richer and more regular. I doubt you will find yourself regretful you decided to join us here.

I will continue to post on Fridays. My collaborators will introduce themselves in short time. I'm looking forward to seeing how far this project can go.



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